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tv   ABC 7 News at 12N  ABC  October 6, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> mixed of motions. coming is set for today including a vigil. >> adopted claiming to be insulted by a man by walking several dogs. one doctor has gone missing. >> a suspected dogfighting rain boston. -- ring busted. say you the dangers of animal cruelty. live and hd, thi si abc & news at noon. >> the thank you for joining us.
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let's head over to dave for a first look at our forecast. >> it feels like summer out there. itwintery temperatures coming our way and just 24 hours. out to the west to 61 degrees in clear spring. 64 in shenandoah park. 75 and belt still -- in belt sville. line making its way to the atlantic ocean. temperatures 25 degrees or 30 degrees colder than what we are experiencing. the low in the lower left-hand corner will be spreading some rain around here on sunday. look at the contrast. to matures about 78. they will be falling throughout the afternoon hours. sunday, a look at this.
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barely 50 degrees. it barely jacket weather. columbus day, and a lot of folks have the day off. a little bit of sunshine on monday. a tough day for tomorrow. >> big changes ahead of us. thank you. students at a fairfax county high school remember a missing classmate. >> he is a senior at woodson high school in fairfax. he mysteriously disappeared monday morning. >>, coming up weekend at woodson high school. >> we're going to keep up the festivities. >> amid the parade and fun -- >> it is sad. >> since may concerned about his friend. >> we're hoping he will come back. we are supporting each other. the seniors are rallying around it.
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family members say glenn dropped his brother off at school monday morning. he was 25 a parking space. >> what i heard that i was a complete shock, that he did not go to football practice. >> surveillance video shows you went to this done can donuts, a lot of water, and left. no trace of the 17-year-old. >> he should be getting ready to go out tonight and have fun with everybody else. >> family and friends have cut of these posters all over the area. his parents have checked his bank and cell phone account. nothing. >> i am sure everybody is concerned. >> mixed emotions in what should be carefree time. students are holding on to hold. >> closely we can maintain school spirit. >> friends of glenn are planning
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a vigil today starting at 4:00 p.m.. >> the viewing is scheduled today for the professor who passed away early this week. he was struck by a car while walking his dog in northwest monday morning. the driver suffered a medical emergency and ran off the road. a memorial service is scheduled for monday. >> a state trooper has died after being hit by a vehicle. this happened on rte. 30 and hanover county. the trooper was directing traffic at an intersection when he was struck by an suv. he iswas rushed to the medical center where he later died. >> we are munching a developing story. newschopper error 7 is looking for a missing boater who is here to be dead. the victim may be part of a nearby college community.
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>> outrage from a dog sitter he was attacked by a man while walking several dogs. now what is missing. it has led for a desperate search for the pet and the attacker. >> hebrews my arm as you. >> she was walking the dogs. along came the dog she was taking care of appeared she said things quickly got weird when a jogger who is friendly at first are to claiming murray bit him. he grabs the leash. it caused his collar to come off. started chasing him up the street. >> and get even worse. she claims the man physically attacked her and as of wrapped her breast and other private areas. >> when i started yelling, he finally gave up and left. >> she hopes police cameras may have caught it all. she's mostly worried about the
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dog. >> i will be fine. all i care about is that we get lots of people looking for murray so we can find him. a facebook paes later and there was help. posters went up. one of his owners also out on the street. he's holding his leash. >> is part to the family. we love him. >> and his dog and his son are best buddies. >> my son loves them. they play together. it is going to be very hard. i hope we find him. i do not have my hopes up. >> animal lovers are displayed over suspected dogfighting uncovered in fairfax county. nine pit bulls were rescued from a home last month. one is now being placed in the spotlight driving home the dangers of animal cruelty. >> it is hard imagining what the stock has been through. >> popeye is the face of animal
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cruelty. >> after years of abuse. the animal welfare league took in this 13 year old pit bull. >> it is not something you find in rural areas or abandoned warehouses. dogfighting can happen anywhere. >> we do not know much about pop by's backgrounds. how he lost part of this year's in tonga and discovered -- ears asnd tongue. >> it is something you have to be careful standing your ground. if you feel like something is going on in the cases you are seeing you have to be the advocate. >> she is calling on the public to be what the dogs, too. signs of trouble include lots of changing dogs and backyard breeding. >> just because you have a nice address is not mean it cannot happen in your backyard. >> finesse is a proud owner and
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grew up with dogs. she's getting unexpected news that blood sports are taking shape in the suburbs. >> it really shocked me and breaks my heart to know that people would do that and subjected these dogs to something like that for fun. >> you think of them as a family neighborhood. it is shocking to think of a dog fighting ring right around where we lived. >> abc 7 news. >> we turn to a developing story where authorities are trying to figure out the details between a possible merger. offers responded to air reported assaults on ritchie highway iran and got last night. that is where they found nick gartelman sr. injured. he later died at the hospital. the cause of death has not been determined. the homicide unit is investigating. the victim was involved in a physical altercation earlier in the night. >> new details and a shooting in
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the district which said four people to the hospital. this was before 2:00 last night. at least three men and one woman were shot. one woman remains in serious condition. one of the man was a juvenile. at this time the shooter is still on the loose. >> a judge says a measure of about a controversial advertisement to be posted at stations. the world the ad must be displayed by monday night. it equate muslim radicals with savages. officials say they delayed it following the video that sparked an attack at the american consulate that killed four americans. >> here's a heads up if you have to work monday. did the usual track work will stretch into the columbus day weekend. revelingorange lines will single track between stadium and chevrolet. the work will be completed by closing come monday.
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>> the big sports story on sunday may not be the redskins. both the nationals and orioles will be playing in playoff games tomorrow. the orioles will host of the new york and yankees at 6:00 p.m. after winning the wild-card matchup against the texas rangers. the nationals will now be playing the st. louis cardinals at 3:00 p.m. we're going to have more on the playoff fever that is gripping the area coming up. >> straight ahead any judgment day for the but they're accused of stealing from the vatican. >> how you can get the best value for your used car. >> what is in store for your
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ax the mars rover will be putting in work this week. you're looking at how it touched down on mars in august. the rover is on a mission to scoop up martian sand and determine what it is made of appeared experts say the sand will also serve as a mouthwash for the rover to clean its hardware. it all started today. far away from here. >> a very busy rover.
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>> i guess it does the job. mostly sunny skies out there. no rain today. the tomorrow close to a washed out in minutes. >> find a good bar to watch all the games. >> look at this scene here. this is looking down at chesapeake beach. it isa cold front coming through. very little moisture. we're going to have a nice blue skies for the rest of this saturday. if you are one of these types if you like to see the leaves changing, we are going to take you out to western maryland. you can see temperatures and below 60's. some of these are a peek. you're going to see some of these red and yellows that will
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be here very quickly. tomorrows called dimeters will hasten this process. let's look at the big centers. 77 in annapolis. in looks like an extension of summer out there. you can see the cold from passing through. where did the rainbow? much of the energy over here. down near a low pressure area sending some showers are way late tonight and into tomorrow. here we are on the atlantic seaboard. you go back just a couple hundred miles it is just 50 degrees in pittsburgh, 48 in detroit. that is the cold air that will be moving in here tomorrow and down into the deep south. a change of wardrobe will be in order. 83 was yesterday's high. the fifth day in a row we were well above average. partly sunny and breezy for the
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remainder of your saturday. falling temperatures this afternoon. gusting to 20 or 25 appeared watch as we go from early sunday morning. here comes the rain overspreading the area. it is headed to fed ex field tomorrow. tonight temperatures from the low-40's 20-50's. a cold night. tonight a mere 51 degrees. some degrees out to the west only in the 40's. asa few snowflakes out there. >> getting chills just thinking about that. >> a man who served as the pope but there will be serving time behind bars. he was convicted of aggravated theft for leaking confidential apple documents. he told the court he wanted to expose corruption and gave the
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documents to an italian journalist to use them to write a best-selling book. police found more than 1000 important documents at his apartment. he has been ordered to serve out his 18th month sentence in an italian prison. >> fight terrorism suspects have been brought to nyse after years of extradition to the united states. he is charged with trying to set up a terrorist training camp in oregon and helping out of duct hostages in yemen in 1998. on friday britain's high court ruled they have lost their grounds for appeal. >> the fbi says the preliminary investigation of friendly fire is a likely cause of tuesday's shooting. nicklaus and two others responded to an alarm triggered by a sensor and at detecting
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smugglers and others entering illegally. the wounded agent was struck in the ankle and released from the hospital. >> coming up, the return on your used car can be a challenge. there are things we can do to bump up the volume. >> virginia is providing [ male
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energy efficient projects. consumers can buy energy- efficient products like dishwashers and he poms without having to pay taxes. it must be less than $2,500 and have the energy star designations. a complete list of the tax exempt items can be found at >> pepco has errors and for a number of customers in the silver spring area. the problem emerge for some customers and will be switched from standard major issue smart meters. they're asking people who think they've reached a higher than normal bill to call their number. >> the week and is a popular number for some people trying to sell their car. >> we have some advice from the
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experts on how to boost your profit. >> new baby and a car seat. it is pretty clear the sports car has to go. a dealer offered him $4,000 but he thinks it is worth more. he is doing what we have to do, going to try to sell its himself. he's been putting up signs and listing it online. but common cause said the gotten? >> the zero. -- >> how many calls have you gotten? >> is 0. >> he says it starts with the cosmetics. >> that felt that it would be good for selling a car. >> a picture this being a girl's car. >> take a woman for a lift. we have a better sense of smell.
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>> it is not awful. >> we get to work. we move on to the real secret of selling your car online, at those pictures. there are problems here. look at them. he says the steering wheels need to be straightened out. these other cars need to go. it pictures are everything. to think outside in a park and at every angle. to>> you are very excited about selling it. >> he says this offers details about the car. selling counts. >> they want to think that you're taking as much care in your ad as you are with the car. >> he has sold thousands of cars. he said individual sellers have an advantage.
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>> people are afraid to go to a dealership. you want to make them feel as warm and comfortable with you. if somebody does not like you, and they will not buy from you. >> do not ignore her. looker in the eye. 80 5% of decisions are made by the woman. days later the new ad is being viewed twice as many times as the old one. member the first offer? now we have a new one $7,000. >> thank you. >> congratulations. meanwhile, it doesn't matter if you're driving a new or used car, there's no relief from the pain of rising gas prices. the natural average is $3.79, at 37 cents higher than a year ago. >> there's controversy brewing over at starbucks.
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some stores are running out of the syrup that goes into popular pumpkin spice lattes. it has some customers live police storming out of stores. many stores have run out of the syrup and they have some back orders for them right now. >> a trend we first told about a week ago is spreading beyond just apartments. san francisco is considering allowing apartments about 150 square feet. many cities now allow the micro apartments that are only about the size of an apartment space. it is one thing to have an apartment smaller than some people's closets. >> imagine a tiny package crammed into a stand-alone house. one woman enter 150 square foot home. >> you're in the great room. this is the living room.
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>> welcome to her tiny house. the main floor with seating area, kitchen, an actor. upstairs in the lot a queen size air master. is a rebellion against the mansion. >> not every kid needs his own bathroom or played from. it is one back to the days we had to enter after their family members and you get along with people. >> she built it for her master's thesis at american military university. >> i think it is great to stay in touch and feel the work that she has done and how she has applied her degree program. >> the tiny home movement has grown since the housing bubble burst. it is green. her home is fuelled by a mobil solar panel and propane. this entire house is just one out of 50 square feet. the average american home is nearly 20 times bigger. another big difference, this one
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is mobile. >> attached to her dad's drop appeared of a tiny homes are stationary. it cost $20,000 plus appliances. about the price of a nice car. she will be selling it to pay back her loans from dad. >> officially out of let's do -- i would like to build a whole bunch of them and opened a tiny bed and breakfast. >> coming up, a deli helped scare is continuing to spread it on the east coast. >> the new unemployment numbers are in. how this is playing out on the campaign trail. >> with the toughest tickets to get, when we switched to fios, we
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>> good afternoon. >> is this saturday october 6. let's head on over to david. he has great news. >> and not so great. the seasonal confusion out there today. it feels more summer like. tamara almost a wintry day. let's look at some temperatures out there. 75 in bowie.
12:31 pm
berkeley springs west virginia only 59 degrees. it is almost 25 miles an hour. you can see the long line on the cold front. much colder temperatures anywhere from 20 to 30 degrees colder. you can see that reflected in our forecast. today's to mitscher's topping out. some researchers are starting to fall. it'll be partly to mostly sunny. it will be breezy. clouds rolling in. tomorrow chilly, wet rain. temperatures only in the upper 40's. it will make a little improvement on that for columbus. >> thank you. the nation's unemployment rate dropped to 7.8% in september, bringing it below eight% for the first time in nearly four years. 114,000 jobs were created last
12:32 pm
month. while the numbers were revised upwards. >> 31 days before the election. what impact will this have on the raised? >> >> in virginia, there is no public high fighting. did the job numbers were cheered. >> the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office. >> also in virginia, mitt romney's momentum. >> more and more people have just up looking for work. >> the truth is it the same share were participating in the workforce today, this is the day the president got elected. >> the president who spoke before romney saw that charge coming. >> today's news is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy to score a few political points.
12:33 pm
it is a reminder that this country has come too far to turn back now. >> there was more. the former ceo of general electric took to torture and in the airways suggesting the obama campaign cooked the numbers. >> i do not know what the right number is. these numbers do not smell right when you think about where the economy is right now. >> many experts laptop the charge but the labor secretary was not laughing. >> i am insulted when i hear that. it is ludicrous to hear that kind of statement. >> here is robert portman who plays president obama in debate operations. we will be doing this on saturday before running hold two events in florida. abc news, orlando. >> a sudden standstill in chinatown last night. they're capturing this video. at least 20 demonstrators
12:34 pm
chanting a disparaging remarks about the obama and romney campaign. >> tonight, there will be another much anticipated public debate. we're not talking about president obama or mitt romney. john stewart of the daily show. the trash talking has gotten under way. some are promising that he will "beat bill o'reilly's liver." >> ready to rubber? >> bill o'reilly will face on this at 8:00 with jon stewart. >> do you see me as mitt romney? is that how you will frame the stacks i see you as an abominable snowman. >> so much for talking down. >> was going to win?
12:35 pm
>> john stuart will eat a bill reilly's liver. >> what is the protocol for to people about the debate that is it a wedding the indexthing? there'll be an hour of debate. >> i wanted to work on speed. i chased a chicken around the studio. the moderator will be easy hill. >> you have to remember for stewart and his 18 writers. >> cannot wait. bring it on. one of the most popular events is back this week. it will be serving it up for the next three days. more than 70 area restaurants will fill up five city blocks offering a variety of tastings. there'll be live music as well. iran's from monday from noon to
12:36 pm
7:00. for more information go to the >> meanwhile, students are marching in support of the maryland a dream act. it would allow illegal immigrants to pay in state tuition of their parents have paid taxes and attended maryland schools. participants are walking from the multi-cultural center to the university of maryland in college park. students will close out the march by sharing their personal stories on campus. >> coming up, however, in pain remedy is being linked to a massive outbreak of meningitis. >> hopefully it will help others avoid tragedy. >> the of a ploy to prove a dog david
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smallwood: maryland money needto stay in maryland. it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware..... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seve i think it will be a... good thing for the state off maryland.
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>> not to the grow outbreak of meningitis for a common remedy for back pain. >> there are now 47 cases across seven states and at least five deaths. a lot of wondering if they should be worried about it. dr. richard takes a look. >> millions of americans get this for back pain every year. the fears of tainted injections. >> you're scared what to do. paul >> hospitals are tracking
12:40 pm
down hundred to may be at risk. >> you may have several things listed. >> the open their emergency center to deal with the outbreak. more than 17,000 files of the drug were shipped. some contended with a fungus that goes into the spinal fluid and causes a rare form of meningitis to sentence can look like a stroke. >> 6 day's leader in your fighting for your life. >> has closed down operations. there are more than 7500, coming once in the country. they make 1% to preserve a of a restriction drugs. custom mixing their treatment for patients with special needs. the offer with little oversight. >> the contamination has happened before. if these pharmacies are not under the regular supervision of
12:41 pm
the food and drug administration. >> now he is worried about what to do next. >> i am concerned for many. >> coffee may be a pick me up. too much may be bad for your eyes. drinking at least 3 cups of coffee a day could increase your risk for glaucoma. the same result was not found in soda or tea. the lead researcher says the results still need to be confirmed through more studies. an arlington family says cpr save their daughter's life. they're hoping her story will inspire others. >> she is expected to be released from the hospital after a five month recovery. why the way cpr performed is so important. >> for your old elaine is a typical little girl who loves
12:42 pm
barbie's and princesses. the fact that she's able to take the steps and speak these words is nothing short of remarkable. this was heard just a few months ago. >> she had to scuttle out of her mouth. there was nothing that looked like delaney. >> a jury pool party she nearly drowned. >> she fell in the pool. we think is probably under for one-two minutes without any oxygen. >> infringement into action. >> she did not have a heartbeat. she was not breathing. >> and they perform cpr into the ambulance arrived. >> you keep doing it. >> through their efforts, and delaney started breathing again. doctors said had to not receive
12:43 pm
the correct format cpr in those crucial moments right after her accident per prognosis would have been very different. >> because they knew had to do it correctly that is less a termites. usually people that administer cpr do not know how to do it correctly and it can hurt more than help appeared quite the most recent guidelines begin with chest compressions to get blood flowing percefirst appeared correct it is different for children. the rate of chest compressions and the death of breathing. >> delaney could soon be back to the way she was before her accident. >> is a skill that everybody should have, particularly anybody with children. abc 7 news. coming up, the extreme steps one thought to be with his owner. >> the orioles and nationals have their [ male announcer ] ]
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who will raise taxes on the middle
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class? according to an independent non-partisan study, barack obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000. the same organization says the plan from mitt romney and common sense conservatives is "not a tax hike on the middle class." want proof? read the non-partisann study for yourselelf at obama and his liberal allies? we can't affordor four more years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> if any -- this might change your mind. it turned of 2 miles away. it is found right outside the hospital where his owner was recovering. >> this is a story of a deep friendship between man and beast. this husky was so hot broken when its owner went to the hospital appeared he split out
12:47 pm
the back door of his home and ran more than 2 miles to find him. >> i do not know how he found him. >> he was late in his hospital bed when he got a call from his hospital employee. >> i have to get to work. you have to come and get him. >> how could the dock have known as owner was in the hospital? experts say it was a mystery. some can do this. >> this talking get out of the guard. the white up in front of the hospital. it is like one in 8 million. >> no. knows how he made it there because he never been to the hospital before. he would have had to pass through a string and highway. he was a starting shelter dog rescue by the five years ago. they take daily walks around the neighborhood. zander was distraught. >> we are buddies. he came to see me. >> he says his husky is like a
12:48 pm
son to him. his devotion truly shows why dogs are called a man's best friend. >> wow. i love zander now. >> absolutely. we all want to take him home. >> beautiful weather. columbus day holiday. i was telling cap the earlier it snowed on this weekend. cold weather coming this way has some history. we are not expecting any. definitely colder temperatures. you can see down at the beach clouds are rolling in. the shadows started very early in the afternoon. ocean water to mature surprisingly still 77 degrees. a great time to be down there. we want to take you down to annapolis to the naval academy. you can see a nice mix of
12:49 pm
sunshine and clouds. mostly sunny for the remainder of today. he can see that front. a lo -- embossed a lot of it moisture. in the wake of the front dramatically colder temperatures. look at the two victors. 50 degrees. it is raining out there. it is the earliest recordings still falls for them. the consummate the to pitchers around the beach. contrast that with 59 in cumberlands. you can see what the future holds for us. 83 yesterday. first five days in october well above the seasonal norm. that is all about to change statistically. falling dimeters through the afternoon.
12:50 pm
this goes from the north to northwest anywhere from 20-25 miles an hour. this is our future cast. you can notice that as we go into sunday. make sure you have a plan b tomorrow. today is the day to get outside. for the end of your week and, in the middle of a long holiday weekend. a near 50 degrees tomorrow will do better than that. that is sure we can forecast. >>-- is your weekend forecast. >> it is time for abc 7 sports. >> the nationals will play the cardinals starting sunday in st. louis. i will show you how the cardinals punted their tickets to the series. they are the ones flying into
12:51 pm
very shallowly field that was caused by the wind. the cardinals up 3-2. the swing in this ball is well. they go on to at a run. 6-3 was the final. now back to the controversial call. the bases loaded. fans in atlanta went crazy. they had to stop the game for 90 minutes to settle things down. he retired after the game purities embarrassed by how fans in atlanta read the game. he was embarrassed by how fans in atlanta reacted. >> there are delays in the game. if there's ever won off their game. it never want to see something get violent like that. one thing is for sure. you not be able to say that
12:52 pm
braves fans do not care. >> the orioles move on to the american league divisional series as they defeated the rangers in texas last night. that is a look at your saturday sports. have a great weekend. >> let's get a little bit more on the orioles and their win over the rangers. they take a five-one. the ninth inning with a of an rbi single. there were some tense moments at the bottom of the night. the party will not last to long pier the orioles open a best of five series. >> a tough match up. >> coming up, if you're thinking about catching a movie, we have inte
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12:55 pm
i said they say sickles are often not as good as the original. that is how they feel about liam neeson's new film "taken 2." >> the original came as a surprise hit. this is yet another kidnapping movie with liam neeson to straighten out. >> surprise. >> liam neeson invites his ex- wife and his doctor to meet him
12:56 pm
in istanbul. big mistake. as soon as they hit town, we bad guys can at him and his ex-wife while their daughter get away in a red bikini. she got kidnapped in the first movie. the audience started laughing when maggie grace started throwing grenades. she also hour-and-a-half of istanbul even though she can pass a driver's test in california. it is silly dialogue and a mind- numbing violence. paid to see this and you will be taken, too. one star. >> here is the weekend movie guide. 3 stars for "the purpose of being a wallflower" and "arbitage." new movies "taken2" and "vhs"
12:57 pm
are in the bottom where they belonged. >> i know what i will not be watching. >> i am thinking he does not like it. >> not much to recommend. stay inside and find a good book. tomorrow a lot of rain. this is the cold as we have seen since last april. enjoy the sunshine. columbus day temperatures up to the 50's. it will be around 70 degrees by wednesday. this is a real fall like forecast, while we have not seen in a long time. >> that is a real shot to the system. >> nighttime lows in the 30's out to the west. maybe a few snow flurries.
12:58 pm
>> time to put the flip-flops away.
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alexis douglas: i can remember when i was younger and... my family was not necessarily financially stable. we were poor. anncr: then alexis got a job at the mgm casino in michigan. and it changed her life. alexis: i started as a wardrobe clerk. but then i was able to work my way up. i got a 401k, i have health insurance... and i make great money. annc in maryland, question seven will create... twelve thousand jobs. from hotel and restaurant staff to accountants... and construction workers. alexis: ifif you want a great place to work with good pay... and great benefits, vote for question seven.


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